Firstlegend (first legend) world premiere today at 7:10 pm (annual epic project)
Firstlegend builds the world's first distributed storage network system that provides genetic data and individual health data. Health and medical service providers, encouraging users to share genomic information and health-related data within the ecosystem
1 trillion in circulation
Add a pool of 800 billion (lock the pool, lose permissions)
100 billion marketing fund
100 billion reward for community connection
Each transaction fee is 5%, 4% is destroyed, 1% is marketing wallet
✅Project has been audited! The contract is open source, no additional issuance, no Pixiu
✅No private placement! No pre-sale! fair launch
✅ Dozens of community participation (Pangu, Tiandao, Golden Dog and other communities)
✅tp avatar has been submitted (fast review channel) 500 people on the currency holding address have opened telegram screen advertisements
✅Bit leader, Bao Erye, Twitter big V, Weibo big V have laid out
✅Opening on CG➕CMC platform, AVE hot search
✅The last project of the project side has increased by more than 2800 times, and the pattern is very large. At present, it has spent more than 30B in marketing expenses after more than half a month of warm-up.
Firstlegend currently connects with more than 20 communities and many team leaders. The connection between communities and team leaders is still in progress. If the team leader needs to connect, they can contact the Chinese Telegram group management, and the group can connect with 200 people. Great reward
Opening time: January 18, 2022
Chain: Binance Chain
Binance Chain contract address: 0x96a9ebbcfc3042bd71f80b5d064d139d1e9b8a64
Chinese Telegram:
Telegram in English: